Frontier Internet – Shop for Low-cost High Speed Residential Internet!

  • Get max internet speeds up to 500/500 Mbps
  • Check for availability in your area by entering your zip code
  • New customers can avail Frontier Internet plans starting at just $27.99/mo
  • High-Speed Internet plans for household needs
  • Fiber-Optic Internet plans for Competitive Online Gaming

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Cheap Frontier Internet Plan

Reasons to get Frontier Internet

No data caps

Irrespective of the Frontier Internet plan that you subscribe to, there’s no need to worry about any kind of overage fees. Frontier offers endless data!

Round the clock Technical support

Get assisted at any time by Frontier’s technical support engineers

Price for Life

Get rid of sudden price inflation and hidden fees! Shop Frontier Internet plans and enjoy the same pricing for years to come**

**Conditions Apply. Limited-time offer on Frontier Internet plans only. Equipment, surcharge, and other fees subject to increase

Frontier High Speed Internet

Bandwidth for everyone

Frontier Internet plans have a wide range of bandwidth from the broadband Internet to Frontier High-speed Internet to Frontier FiOS

  • For normal web surfing, get Frontier Broadband plans
  • For Light video streaming and work from Home activities, subscribe to Frontier High-Speed Internet
  • Finally, for competitive Online gaming activities, get Frontier FiOS Internet plans

Determine your internet speed requirements


Shop Frontier internet plans

50/50 Mbps

  • For just $29.99 / mo. you can share files, photos and share videos
  • In about 8 seconds download about 10 songs
  • It will take just 13.4 minutes to download an HD movie

500/500 Mbps Internet

  • For just $39.99 / mo. upgrade to 500/500 Mbps from 50/50 Mbps
  • Share large files across multiple devices
  • Stream movies, accomplish online gaming
  • In just 0.8 seconds you get to download 10 songs
  • Finally, one HD movie should take no more than 1.4 minutes to download





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50/50 Mbps



$29.99 /month

500/500 Mbps




Custom Essentials TV along with 50/50 Mbps Internet

  • Pay just $64.99 / mo. to share files and stream as many videos as you wish
  • Furthermore, it takes 8 seconds to download about 10 songs and 13.4 minutes for an HD Movie download
  • Additionally, the package offers more than 130 channels to choose from

Custom Essentials TV along with 500/500 Mbps Internet

  • Another offering for those who wish to share large files across multiple devices or if you wish to accomplish uninterrupted streaming and gaming
  • You pay around $74.99 / mo. and get more than 130 channels to watch

Bundled offerings

  • Frontier provides bundled FiOS services that translate to huge savings
  • Both the 50/50 Mbps Internet & FiOS Digital Voice and the 500/500 Mbps Internet & FiOS Digital Voice offer Unlimited calling with the country and to Canada and Mexico
  • The price for the 50/50 Mbps Internet & FiOS Digital Voice is just $39.99 / mo.
  • Furthermore, the 500/500 Mbps Internet & FiOS Digital Voice costs about $49.99 / mo.
Frontier Bundles

Other Frontier Services

Embellish your home with Frontier home services like the Internet, television, and Voice service

High-speed Internet

  • Connect as many devices
  • Surf, Stream, Online Game, and many more


  • Get premium channels with FiOS TV
  • Carry entertainment with you in the form of Frontier TV app

Home Phone

  • Reliable and Secure connection
  • Crystal clear calls and reduced drop call rates

Frontier Installation

Choose either self-installation or professional installation. Frontier will provide you the self-installation guide for the service you choose. It may be FiOS self-installationor Vantage Internet self-installation. Professional installationis free on DSL Internet plans of 12 Mbps and above. Frontier FiOS installation feeis up to $80 (one-time)


Frontier indexes two vital equipment in the form of the modem and the router.

  • Router fee = $9.99/mo
  • Equipment handling fee = $9.99/mo
  • Use your own equipment**

**Frontier won’t provide any kind of technical support for your own equipment

Availability – DSL Internet has its presence in 35 states and covers over 30 million customers all over the United States. FiOS has its availability over 7 states throughout America which includes the frontier verizon acquisition states like California, Florida, and Texas

Frontier Secure

  • Get $5/mo bill credits by adding Secure to your bundle. Safeguard all your Online information with identity-theft and multi-device protection
  • Global ID surveillance detects the misuse of your personal information
  • Shield your devices from malware and viruses by using secure products

Frontier personal security bundle

  • Starting at just $10.99/mo
  • Content Anywhere service – cloud storage and easy access to your files
  • Multi-device security – shield up to 10 devices from various malware attacks and viruses
Frontier Secure


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