Privacy Policy

Here are certain things that we collect from you and the reason for us to collect it from you

Information collection

The following are the places where we will collect your data

Survey information

We do this survey to guide advertising to people’s interests and to enable the Company to sell or transfer information to third parties

Other information

We also collect your data when you contact our sales person for any queries. Additionally, the data is collected when you voluntarily subscribe for any of our newsletters

Cookie information

The Company utilizes cookie technology to link the computer and/or mobile phone of a person with the data of the person in our database. A cookie is a tiny number of information that is sent to a person’s browser from the company’s servers and stored on the person’s computer’s hard drive or the mobile device of a person. In order to use all website features and functionalities, visitors must recognize cookies.

External information

The Company may also obtain third-party user data. The Company may add such external data to your current user information in order to better target our advertising and provide you with the appropriate offers that we think you are interested in. We link this data to the user information that defines us personally in order to enrich our individual client database.

Information not collected by children

Pursuant to the 1998 Federal Online Privacy Protection for Children Act (COPPA), the company will knowingly never ask personally identifiable data from individuals under the age of 13. The Company does not have any use with such data or disclose to third parties because it does not obtain such data.

User information

User Information implies Survey Information, Other Information, Cookie Information, External Information and any other data the Company gathers or gets about customers, such as name, address, telephone number, email address, loan card or economic account data and population data (such as revenue level and gender) to process your submission

Use of the Data

Targeted advertising:

The business attempts to personalize and direct the advertisement to a person based on the data of the user. The Company may direct the advertisement by email and direct mail at its discretion. Because of the life of this technology, consumers should not expect the kinds of targeted advertising they see to change immediately

Direct mail and telemarketing:

The business utilizes user information to advertise individuals, directly or indirectly, by telephone and postal mail.

Cookies use:

The Company may use the Cookie Information

(1) to match the Cookie Information of a user with the Survey Information

(2) track the web browsing habits of an individual

(3) determine which areas of our websites are more frequently visited.

This data enables the Company to comprehend users ‘ internet practices so that the Company can attempt to customize and guide customers with advertising and promotions.

User profiles:

User information is used by the business to profile site users. A profile is developed by combining different user information sources. For detailed information about the terms & conditions or the Privacy policy, feel free to contact us on the